Williamstown Community Chest

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Once quite common across the country, Community Chests extended a helping hand to people in need. Today, the Williamstown Community Chest is one of just a handful of these local charitable organizations left.

In these times of decreasing funding, cutbacks in programming and increasing need, we remain deeply commited to helping solve problems right here in our own neighborhoods.

We conduct annual fundraising campaigns to support services provided locally by our member agencies. Your contribution to the Williamstown Community Chest is distributed to these 15 local agencies working to help people in our community meet a variety of challenges. Your gift addresses the needs of many who are struggling with issues of poverty, addiction and abuse right here in Berkshire County.

This year we’re attempting to raise $250,000 for our agencies.. Please make a contribution and help us reach it.

A generous endowment covers our administrative costs — allowing every dollar you give to go directly to our agencies.