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iPowerPlay is dedicated to bringing Power to the People.

Electricity used to be simple, cheap and boring:

1 – You signed up with “the utility”- you had no choice,

2 – You paid the bill,

3-  You thought about other more important things.

But no more. Electricity isn’t so simple any more, and it isn’t so cheap. Now you have a confusing array of alternatives, bills that only seem to go up, and a gnawing sense that maybe you should be doing something about your electricity.

But where to turn for advice? Whom to trust? And who has the time, anyway?

iPowerPlay hears you. You need unbiased expertise, delivering the best and quickest values on electricity, taking little or none of your time—let alone your money.

iPowerPlay’s people have decades of experience in electricity, and decades more in online services. We are bringing our expertise to bear for homeowners and small business owners—and delivering it online to give you convenience and control.

So you can take control of your energy!

Let’s take the first step. Nothing difficult or dangerous, just a little awareness. We‘ll start by just watching your electricity. It takes about a minute a week. Let’s get going!

Note to the cynics: “Sounds lovely, iPowerPlay, but how do you guys make money?”

Rule #1 at iPowerPlay is “No Secrets Here!” We make our money in three ways. First, the information we send you is free, but it may include ads—just like Google’s search results are both free and paid. Like Google, we know that your loyalty is more important than any advertiser, so we’re careful about every ad. Second, when we help you sell your electricity[link], we take a piece of each sale. Of course, we always tell you how much. Third, some utilities are progressive and want to provide their customers with iPowerPlay’s value. We’re excited by that, so we work for some power companies, too—those that are bringing Power to the People!

And that’s how iPowerPlay makes its money. Hey, no secrets here.