Brod & Taylor

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Brød & Taylor empowers cooks of every level to make delicious, wholesome food using the purest of natural ingredients. Our ingeniously designed Folding Proofer simplifies the process of making breadsyogurt, and a wide variety of superfoods.

We stand by the following principles:

Extraordinary design. Every Brød & Taylor product is crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Solutions. Our products offer elegant solutions to real-world challenges. Our Folding Proofer revolutionizes the home kitchen by offering a 100% accurate, reliable low-heat environment. Until now, that level of control was available only to professional chefs who could afford expensive commercial proofing ovens. And it all comes in an affordable and easy-to-store appliance.

Utility. Our products aren’t designed to sit on a shelf; they’re meant to be used. That’s why we’ve eliminated the guesswork and provided a vast range of information about maximizing your result. On this web site, you’ll find dozens of recipes and carefully researched notes and tips that will help you get the most out of your product.

Brød is the Norwegian word for bread – a nod to our founder’s inspiration. Michael Taylor, inventor of the Folding Proofer and company founder, is the Managing Director of Berkshire Innovations, LLC – a privately held company in Massachusetts and the parent company of Brød & Taylor. Berkshire Innovations develops thoughtfully-engineered products for specialized markets, operating with a strategic blend of in-house expertise and targeted outsourcing, from concept to prototype to volume manufacturing.